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Read me! - Very Important Update Information

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Current Release Information - Also read about Known Problems


Version History for Magtax 2017

Version 2017.0.4 - Released on 1/11/2018
  • Completed Various Form Print Format Changes
  • Completed 1099-Misc - New function to tag forms under a certain amount as DNR (Do Not Report)
Version 2017.0.3 - Released on 1/09/2018
  • Completed Connect and Send: Changed to a link to launch the user's own browser for security reasons.
  • Completed W-3 Preprinted Format #2 added
  • Fixed Accuwage Error Related to Health Reimbursement (Box 12 FF)
Version 2017.0.2 - Released on 1/03/2018
  • Fixed Improvements to Pro Datamanager screen updating
  • Fixed W-3 showing incorrect year
Version 2017.0.1 - Released on 12/20/2017
  • Fixed Import Prior Year now clears reporting year from Company Maintenance
  • Fixed Missing file in distribution



Printing Prior Year Forms


Multi-Copy W2 Printing

Data Location Utility

Wage Limits